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"we talk the talk... in any country"

Domestic Data Collection

IPC offers superior quality data collection, statistical tabulation for domestic projects. At our modern facility in mid-town Manhattan, we have an accurate, cost-efficient method of acquiring in-depth and detailed answers, which clients require about their user markets within the United States.

Our reputation in the industry is for offering added value along with our excellent quality of data collection. We do more than just interviewing. We can advise clients on the questionnaire, ensuring that the design is executable and will obtain clear data. Seasoned interviewing professionals, with many hundreds of hours of experience, complete the surveys, whether conducted in person or by telephone. Our executive interviewing capabilities are both local to the tri-state area as well as national and international. Our expertise lends itself to those small unusual projects that require personal attention. We have extensive experience with the telecommunications and medical industries.

Domestic - Foreign Languages Data Collection

IPC also excels at research conducted in foreign languages by telephone or one-on-one within the United States. We can reach the many immigrant populations that are more at home speaking their native tongue.

Our value added service includes translation into English of all open-ended responses at no extra charge.

We are not limited to just paper studies, we have two CATI systems both CFMC and TelAthena.

International Data Collection

IPC is one of the research pioneers operating a data collection service staffed by foreign-born bi-lingual interviewers who call internationally from our office in New York City. This unique 'in-language' capability affords our clients a single source and effective method of implementing global research at a significant reduction in cost. By utilizing our services, American companies eliminate the hassle, time, and expense of finding and dealing with foreign based companies. In addition, you have the advantage of centralized quality control. For projects requiring calls to Europe, Asia, and South America, you will find our prices competitive and, in fact lower, than those companies actually based in those regions. Tabulation is available on all projects.

We have conducted more than 1,000,000 successful interviews to all continents and in languages as varied as Korean, Polish and Tagalog.

We do both business and consumer interviewing.

International Publication Coding

Articles and newspaper clippings are analyzed by native-born speakers of each country and information is selected and coded depending on each client's needs.

Fulfillment Services

IPC has the facility to undertake large mailings for marketing research or telemarketing. We mail domestically and internationally; we create and update the database for each project. We have been responsible for mailing incentives to respondents around the world.

Focus Group and Product Testing Recruiting

In addition to our usual telephone and ancillary services, we also have the capability and facility to recruit for and conduct focus groups and small product testing. We are experienced in both English and foreign language projects.

Store , Trade Show Intercepts and Mystery Shopping

IPC does store and trade show intercepts as well as in-store mystery shopping in the tri-state area. We have interviewers who can conduct these tasks as required from a straightforward average shopper level to an executive level interviewer who can do new product design tests in luxury shops. Our foreign-language staff has been sent as far as Hawaii and Japan to conduct interviews in view of the high skill level they demonstrated.

Translation Services

We offer the same professional translation capabilities, for both our domestic and international services.

Coding and tabulation services are also available

Web Surveys

We now offer web surveys. Please call us with the details of your surveys.

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